Laughter Yoga taps into your inner child and brings an overall feeling of joy and peace. During laughter yoga we do yogic breathing, easy yoga stretching, and movement. We laugh as a group and it becomes infectious and uplifting, which is the goal. This kind of deep laughter exercises the diaphragm and lungs and gets rid of stale air, and brings youthful mobility back to our ribs, creating preventative care for our bones and organs that don’t usually get a work out, even with a work out.


LAUGH ‘N LAX – After we laugh till we sigh and laugh again because now even sighing is funny, we finally relax and start a restorative session of yoga. Restorative Yoga stretches those muscles that have been doing the same repetitive motions, and counter acts all the standing, sitting and hunching we do all day. Basically we lay all over bolsters and pillows and hold the pose for 3 minutes each while lying on yoga mats and listening to soothing music. Such a lovely calm.


Please contact Suzi if you are interested in a Laughter Yoga Class, or to hire her for a private event.



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